Saturday, June 24, 2017

big moment

The Young Man came by today and we REGISTERED HIM TO VOTE.  This is MASSIVE.  He is a Jehovah's Witness and fully educated to be not of this world.  He is nearly 35 years old and for some reason he decided that today was the day and so we did it on-line and I'm just so proud of him, and humbled that he decided to let me be a part of it.  We have certainly influenced each other. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

below the surface

Today I was reading magazines.  No Vogue or Cosmo for me; it's all about the bar journals of the three U.S. states where I'm licensed. 

My contemplation takes me down shadowy streets, where I question very foundations. 

Here are these programs to help poor people, other programs to help recently released criminals.  Various other good deeds. 

But if we did not have so much poverty, there wouldn't be need for these programs. 

These programs which on the surface are all about helping are truly about the perpetuation of the status quo.  Nowhere in the dozen articles I read on this did I see anybody challenging the wealth disparity, the wage gaps.  "It's so sad that people can't afford attorneys so we should volunteer our time to help."  That sounds nice, doesn't it?  But I am skeptical. 

We're just putting band-aids on festering wounds.  We are making poor people poorer and that is the root of most of our social injustice. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

it was a dark and stormy night

No really.  It's a tropical storm out there and I'm just waiting for the power to go out.  Wind and rain and lordy be.

My power cord has stopped working so I've ordered another and then I'll be signing off for a bit most likely. It's good, it will make me read more. 

I went to the chiropractor today and she said: oh no, this is a completely different injury.  I did something to my quad muscles which is why the knee of my dominant leg is killing me.  She says icing and brace and such things for at minimum three weeks.  Great. 

We went to a very fancy restaurant today for lunch before the chiro and it was a good experience for the Godson. It's all a good experience for him.  I am regularly texting his mother and she's so pleased he's having all these experiences.  At some point I'd like him to be more independent, but bit by bit.  There are plenty of adults who visit and expect me to be their chauffeur and tour guide. 

Called in sick for two days because I feel like crap. Trying to rally.  Cooked a lot for dinner because vegetables are work - baked cucumbers from Julia Child (which the dog and chickens will think are wonderful but we did not) and beet salad and zucchini bread.  A lot of things from this from my garden which is always fun. 

Need to buy his ticket back - he's thinking late next week. 

I'm tired and worn out and maybe it is a good thing if I'm stuck at home for a day or two, even if it is without computer. 

OK, logging off to keep some charge as a just-in-case. 

don't get your damn hopes up

My former boss just emailed and asked if I'd like to meet him for lunch this week. 

Why?  I don't know. 

We are friends, not just former boss-employee.  Not that we chat, but we're friends on Facebook and I used to stay with him and his wife and daughter when i would drive through the city where we both used to live, and his young daughter and I would stay up chatting way too late.

Will he offer me a job?  That could be an ego boost.  Unfortunately, when I worked there the job frankly just paid too poorly.  I can't imagine that they have that much more money than before, but maybe.  Who knows. 

Monday, June 19, 2017


Tonight I got to meet a rockstar I'm Facebook friends with.  She is SUCH a good singer, even better in person. And I got to see somebody dear to me, a former tenant.  Lovely.  I am pretty sure I'm developing a crush on her.  She has an edge and does NOT suffer fools gladly.  We've had some spats in Facebook comments but she's reposted me too and usually we agree.  She played it cool when we met.  I bought a CD.  This is not going to turn into anything because my dog would kill her dog, but ... it's fun to have crushes. 


It may be time to go to the doctor.  The pain I am in is getting unmanageable.  It might be all in my mind, but maybe it's not.  Today my knee is unbendable and swollen and I'm just tired of all my joints hurting.  So, do I go to a naturopath or to an MD?  I don't know.  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

salty beasts

I made some Greek salad the other day, and it is best when fresh so I was having a hard time convincing myself to eat it. 

To the chickens! 

As I put it into a bowl for them, Ziggy was getting super excited.  Thinking she would be discouraged if she actually had some, I put some cucumbers and tomatoes in her bowl (no olives or feta because: added salt). 

She went wild.  Cucumbers!  Tomatoes!  Who knew that those were her favorites when chilled with some oil and vinegar dressing? 

Then the chickens went wild with delight at their bowl of it and they were too busy eating to fuss at each other which is a usual game. They refuse to eat things like cooked kale and they are never happy about soups that I make myself.  They even got tired of watermelon when it was for several days. They're rather picky.  But I think they like anything chilled.

Time to walk the dog, which I should have done two hours ago and now it's hot and sunny and blech.  Oh well, we'll make it short.  Then more chores, more chores.  Maybe an art museum, maybe a sculpture garden. 

days of visit

You know when it's nearly 80 degrees at 6:30 in the morning and you're grateful for a bit of "chill" that you are deep in the throes of summer. But, it is nicer this morning than yesterday so I'll take it and keep moving.  I'm beginning to wonder if I could keep the coop open at night so that the chickens could get up when they're ready and not when I am - because by that time they are PISSED OFF and they run over my feet in their hurry to run to their branches.  I grabbed that from a trash dump on the neutral ground, a long thick branch with two thick side branches and tossed it into the fenced area.  The chickens LOVE IT.  They come rushing out of their coop each morning to perch on the branches, to fluff up feathers and bat wings and poop.  Lots and lots of poop.

Which makes me realize that I don't really understand composting at all because where does this all go?  I've had one of those small rotating lack composters since I moved in.  Had one at my last house and left it there and got a new one here.  For a year I've been dumping all my kitchen waste and much of my garden waste in there and now for two months all the chicken poop and far more garden waste (not anything with disease obviously, but culling).  When I left for Florida, it was full and I thought: finally - I can move to the other side and that is now full.  But then I came back and it was down to like less than half full!  I really really appreciate the black soldier fly maggots who work SO HARD to decompose so much of my waste, but they are almost too diligent.  And I just don't even understand the mechanics of this all - I mean, I've easily dumped more than 200 pounds of food refuse in there - and newspapers and leaves and sugar cane and all sorts of other stuff.  How do I have maybe ten pounds of compost?  I get that it magically shrinks but this seems extreme.

I'm tired and want to rest but I need to power through.  Take advantage of the not oppressive heat this morning to cut grass in the back.  Then late this morning go do work at the other house (refrigerator has a fruit fly infestation to handle - ugh) and then if I'm not dead, take the godson somewhere fun.

So far his visit is good though I do what I always do with first-time visitors and want them to be as enchanted with this city as I am so I bend over backwards to show a good time and then I doubt my tour guiding skills and stress myself out and blah blah blah.   He is at the stage of comparing and contrasting everything and it's starting to grate my nerves.  I had no idea he loves Portland so much - or maybe he just likes what is familiar.  And I finally said: if all you're looking at doing is comparing, then you will miss what is right in front of you that is different all on its own.

He also has a hard time with believing other people which has always been true - the only person he has ever really trusted has been his mother.  She says that no longer is the case so she's looking forward to him hearing things from me - but he's not listening to me either or even experts.  We wandered through the French Quarter a little yesterday and at Jackson Square saw an artist doing exactly the same kind of art that Godson does.  We stopped and chatted - he was super friendly.  He spoke of how he has been an artist all over the country and that New Orleans - where he has been over a decade - is by far the best and he detailed why, including that he lives well here as an artist.  He spoke of other cities he's visited to see if he'd be more successful and why he stays here.  WE walked away from that and I thought: "Wow, how great that Godson heard from an actual person that New Orleans is a great place to be an artist, which he thinks he wants to be."  (Note:  I know it's also a struggle, not to minimize that.)  He said: "Portland has a place like this where people sell things, but it's just a sidewalk because it's too busy busy there to have it pedestrian-only like this."  Wow, talk about missing the point and being inaccurate about city planning.

Ways that he's surprised me include his attentiveness to public transportation details and asking the logistical details so that he can get around.  Also, he spoke slightly disdainfully about the junkfood lifestyle of his parents - he wants healthier and better and he really enjoyed where we went for happy hour appetizers yesterday (I was very pleased with the food too - bacon jam is the bomb).  I may take him to some better places to try good food - though why bother when in his mind Portland is the best food in the world.  Hes so bought into the Portland pride bandwagon.  Which of course probably grates my nerves because I really don't care for Portland - I think its overrated.  It's fine but it's not all that.

Ziggy mauled him when he arrived - she went berserk and wouldn't stop jumping.  She calmed pretty quickly for her but she was still on edge.  Yesterday was much better and he plays with her which of course she is totally into.  She is definitely stressed about him being here and she keeps staring at his closed door and has the worry lines on her face.  I don't know the source of the stress for her - a new person?  Protecting me from a stranger?  Wanting to take care of him and the door being closed too much?  Ziggy could live to be 30 and I doubt I'll ever really understand how her brain works.

I want to power through this weekend because even though it's hot there's no rain in the forecast which makes driving places to walk outside better than getting drenched.  At the same time, I'm tired as fuck and want to lounge around and be lazy.

Still haven't bought his return ticket and probably need to take care of that.

My new student loan monthly payment is about $100 more than current and I'm thinking again of needing a roommate to cover costs.  Somehow my electric and water are more than last year, too.  I need to set up my rain barrels.  And I sure hope I can resolve this refrigerator issue and not have to buy a new one.

OK, backyard here mowed, yardwork done at other house and refrigerator smell located (there was a dead mouse in the coils).  I'm showered and G. is in the shower and then we'll go explore the bayou and lunch is a nice Cajun place and dinner tonight will be with the Cubans (my friend invited us over to join her and her crazy parents and Cuban grandparents who are adorable - pics posted today included her very California surfer husband in a dance-off with her grandfather).

OK, went to bayou and he HATED IT.  There were biting flies and he was just OVER IT.

Then we went to dinner at a friend's house - they provided Cuban food including congri which I quite like (rice and peas) and yucca and other very Cuban things.  Then other people showed up with Iranian food which was OUTSTANDING.  Rice with cranberries and meat and okra in sauce. The spices were amazing.

G. had said: "I think Portland has more ethnic diversity in food," which is undoubtedly true because its population is much larger.  But if you want good ethnic diversity, show up to a Cuban's house.  Dang.  So lucky for friends like this.