Sunday, March 19, 2017

wild boar sausage

I just spent more than I wanted to on wild boar sausage, and most of it will go to the dog because it's with pork and I don't really eat pork, but I'll let it other foods season a bit. 

I like local food.  There was this wild boar sausage made in Louisiana and a venison sausage made in TX, but that had nitrates in it.  Plus, Catahoulas are bred for hunting wild boars, so this was really made for the Z'Dust.  And while it's not cheap, it's cheaper than dog treats better than Milk-Bone.  (I tried to take Ziggy for a walk on a long line to work on recall but as soon as she realized all I had were boring kibble and dry biscuit treats, I was dead to her.  I'm always in the market for high-reward treats that don't make me second guess myself.  I won't give her much cheese, no sugar, low salt, etc.  But yesterday I caught her counter surfing to lick the knife that had marionberry jam on it so I can't judge her tastes as anything but excellent.  She got pieces of chicken that I'd cooked with artichoke hearts and tomatoes and mozzarella and she was very delighted to do anything for that.)

Wild boars can be really destructive and hunting them humanely is good for the ecosystem balance.  Turning them into an edible sausage is way better than letting their carcasses rot in a landfill.  And maybe it's hype but when I look at the website of this company, I see local jobs and a mission - they give profits to reforestation projects, that sort of thing.  So, we'll see how it tastes. 

There are interesting food things here.  It's unfair of me to say that I don't like the food here - I just mean the really heavy stuff in restaurants.  There are plenty of things to appreciate.  Like red beans on Mondays.  And there is a local fresh food scene that I just need to devote my resources to.  It is more expensive, but if food is going to be my greatest expense then I may as well speak with my wallet.

My goal too is to wean myself off of Costco.  I just paid to renew my membership because I was standing there with the fantastic feta I can get there, and the organic ground beef, and the tuna I really like - oh and the lunch-sized portions of fried rice that make life possible.  But, I can move away from Costco and not renew again. And if I really want something there, I can go with friends who have a membership.  

The thing to always remember about New Orleans is that electricity is fragile.  In a storm, we can easily go without for ten days.  Everything in the freezer dies and that really sucks.  So, freezing - the way I grew up preserving food - isn't the best here.  No need to stock up. 

And, some things are great prices there - like the avocado oil I've gotten accustomed to using.  But I have five pounds of almonds in my cupboard and am completely at a loss of what to do with what seemed like a great purchase idea. And a $55/year membership cost distributed over the cost of those great deals - well, it's not something that most single people need, probably. 

The main reason I went to the store was to get tuna in oil for the dog.  To make high-reward treats for her.  And then I got these ice cream bars that I'd heard the guys speak of on the radio - the outside is locally-roasted frozen coffee (fair trade) and the inside is locally-made ice cream.  I am here to tell you: that's two great tastes that taste great together.  Yum.  A special treat for all the manure I hauled.  It was a truckload, and now it's in a big pile in my front yard.  I'll turn it every so often, keep it damp.  IT's a lot of horse urine on pine bedding and fresh alfalfa, and when I was grabbing it (I push it into a bucket and dump in the back of the truck), it was already all hot inside.  Nice composting magic there.

And were I not to make compost, it would go to the landfill.  I break onto police property to get to this stable and crawl into a dumpster.  It's not glamorous. 

If you're here for the glamor, keep moving on. 


  1. I've read articles about wild pig hunting and it sounds reasonable and sensible to me. They are an invasive species and the animal to be feared most in the forest. I would eat them for sure.
    I just put a handful of Costco almonds into tomorrow's smoothie. I use those things up. I like to just eat them raw. I also buy the sliced ones to go into yogurt for a late-afternoon snack and sometimes I toast them and put them in salads.

    1. Opening that 5# bag of almonds seems like the biggest commitment in the world, since I know it'll end up going stale looooong before I get through even a bit of it.

      Is it 5 pounds? Maybe 3. It's huge. I like raw almonds too but I don't like them stale.

      Basically, I'm a fuss bucket with commitment issues. :)