Monday, April 17, 2017

answers can be simple

Sugar cane.

Vinyl covered fencing.

Those are my recent simple answers.  I have a corner of my yard - maybe just ten feet - and they built a deck on their house so people are now always staring over into my yard.  I don't like it.  So I thought: replace those fence boards with 8'.  Um, cost and hassle.  Put in some banana trees.  OK, but watering and fertilizing? 

Sugar cane.

I have some at my old house because my awesome neighbor who passed away a year or two ago had brought some from her small Louisiana town when she was homesick and stuck it in the ground and it spread into my yard and now it is kind of a menace how it blocks the backdoor, but I like it.  And I would really like it blocking the view. And it grows FAST, and it's free to me, and no hassle care.  And at least one of my friends really loves to chew on sugar cane. 

Vinyl-coated fencing - I got some to put around the chicken coop in the back, as a kind of second barrier to keep Ziggy away from the chickens and I sprung for the nice stuff because: no rusting and no cutting me.  It's 2" x 3" which is also a great size for many other things.  When I moved the chickens up front, I put it in the corner of the yard to shield them and for zucchini and cucumbers to grow up.  Then I cut pieces and am covering the coop with it - my thinking is: this fencing installed with poultry staples on the outside will stop a critter from being able to remove the 1/4" fencing that is stapled (with a staple gun, so not solid) from the inside.  Two layers, this coop is Fort Knox.  It looks like a chook prison.  But, if it keeps them safe, it's good. 

I'll also use it to make these stakes for tomatoes, to save money on tomato cages.

And then I'll be out.  But it's been so useful, I might just get some more.  Shoulda gone with the 100 feet roll.  Oh well. 


  1. Bamboo can also be an answer and it is year-round. You could do a combination at first while it gets established. BUT, get the clumping kind, not the spreading, if you ever decide to do this. You can easily control it on your side of the fence by spring kicking of the new growth but your neighbors might not want to deal with that.

    1. Ah, but I like free options.

    2. BTW, I've got a hen that's developing a sassy attitude and trying to fly out at me. Think she needs more space, or ?

    3. No idea although I'm sure she'd like more space. Chickens do like to roam and scratch and explore.

    4. She may also just be pushy - I apparently didn't push the coop door all the way closed and she led the charge out this morning when they heard me.

      Today a co-worker was talking about her husband's uncle coming to cull their last batch of chickens when they started producing eggs, and the thought of that bothered me less than I expected. I just don't have an emotional connection to this chickens - while that may develop, I'm not sure it will. And I know full well where meat comes from - I can appreciate caribou in the wild grazing and also being dropped and butchered and eating it. I think that what matters to me is that the death not be traumatic. That's something kind.