Thursday, April 20, 2017

calling in well

The weather has been just too fucking nice to sit in an office, so I'm calling in "sick" tomorrow.  Stomach bug, probably. 

I have SO MUCH FUCKING SHIT to do, but I also want to go camping.

The truth of the matter is that I have way too many things to do and work is getting in my way.  So is school.  Tomorrow I need to: move 3 cu yards of dirt, fertilize and plant a bunch of okra, complete making the chicken coop fort Knox, make and install tomato supports, buy paint, and so on.  I may need to show the apartment. 

The other crappy news for me is that my tenant is moving out - the one here at my house.  And she's moving out like 36 hours before I have to leave town for a week, which is really sucky timing for getting a tenant in right away.  She's moving back to Oregon - New Orleans isn't working out like she'd hoped.  Which doesn't surprise me - this is a hard fucking city, and that's why I said she should only do a six-month lease instead of the year that she thought she wanted.  The really bad thing there - on top of the money when my mortgage just got jacked up 50% - is that Ziggy will be utterly bereft.  Ziggy adores her and has loved their time together, and this is going to be really hard on her.  Finding another tenant who loves dogs so much and is so patient - that will be hard. 

So I have TWO apartments coming open soon and ZERO new tenants lined up which is stressful on numerous levels.  Because I have final exams soon and I'm so behind.

Deep breaths. 

After I call in sick, I want to work my ass off, and then Saturday afternoon I want to say "fuck it" and go to the forest.  It's our last chance for a long time and I think sleeping outside is just what I need to refocus and rejuvenate. 

What I want to believe is that things will all work out.  They usually do.  And I can cover a few months without tenants if I have to.  I don't WANT to, but I have a home equity loan to tide me over - it's why I don't keep a nestegg but instead try to vigorously pay down debt, knowing I can tap into that when necessary.  This may be necessary because insurance is coming due soon. 

Does anyone here judge me for calling in sick to work?   It's been a hard thing to come 'round to, and I usually only do it when things are slow and I can be out without undue burden on others.  When I know that if I don't take some time off that either physically or mentally things will get much worse.  It seems to me like I do it a lot, but over 2 and 1/4 year, I've only used up six days?  Wait, how can that be right?  Hm. 

Yeah, I'll definitely be calling in and getting an early start with hauling dirt. 

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