Sunday, April 2, 2017

chickens in six days

What I am most excited about for getting chickens is turning shit to shit, trash to treasure.


I have a lot of things to feed the birds.  I have fantasies of them someday free ranging my backyard and picking bugs and weeds; even until then they will have a bounty of so very many weeds especially if I can rig up a tractor device. 

Every time now that I pick a caterpillar off a plant, pull off some leaves with bug eggs, rip out some weeds, contemplate removing cool weather crops to put in the warm weather ones - I think: soon.  Soon I will have little gremlins to devour these things with delight and to provide me with manure, to make better soil. 

The soil here is ok but what doesn't need compost?  In the dirt to the front of my house that I've now turned twice, having six weeks of cover crops seems to have made quite a difference.  I imagine how rich it will be once some batches of compost are worked in.

I think of planting banana trees and how they're heavy feeders and I think confidently: yeah, give me a little time to collect and age it, and you'll be fine. 

I haven't found a great source of compost here.  It's always far too woody, and I don't toss enough produce to make much (it's been a year with the compost bin I have, and only one side is only 1/3 done.  Though maybe I should switch to the other side and let what I have compost without adding more, if the black soldier flies are on the job.

Anyway, I hauled dirt like a madwoman today and I hurt.  Sore sore sore.  Trying to power through with reading, but, alas. 

Finished the coop with some help from my neighbor on cutting the door - why they would sell a coop without a door makes no sense to me, but oh well.  It's a very secure door, probably too secure so will be a pain in the ass to open and close every day.  It's a first attempt.  It's a pure example of jerry-rigged.  Maybe someday I'll build a real coop. 

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