Monday, April 10, 2017

how to eat vegetables

Breakfast: sweet potato shredded and sauteed with one Korean sausage link; 2 eggs cooked on top

Lunch:  leftover lamb and collards (both procured at farmers market)

Dinner: boiled potatoes tossed with mizuna from front yard, roasted chicken

OK, I don't really need the chicken for dinner but I'll have a bite and leave the rest to strip and repurpose.

Oh and dessert after I take my poor suffering beast out for a walk: local strawberries and yogurt.  Yum.  If I can find a good local milk supplier I'll start making my own yogurt again.  My dog loves it and I hear it's good for chickens.  And it does taste better fresh, with some local honey and yum. 

It's also salad time so that would be good with the chicken - maybe a big cucumber salad.  Tomatoes. 

I'd like to be here for the farmers market on Thursday but we may be going out camping.  WE'll see. 

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