Thursday, April 13, 2017

lady problems

I took time off work for a long weekend for two things: yardwork and camping/hiking.  Oh, and carry a chicken coop.

And then my back rebelled.  IT's the L3 of course.  I woke up in some pain and i just got worse throughout the day.  If I stood up straight, my legs were numb and difficult to move.  So I have a magic chiropractor and her staff usually fits me in right away, and because she is amazing we look whole system.  I often get back pain on the first day of my period, which can be managed with manganese and time.   This was different, though.  My L3 - which is connected to the uterus - was so tight that it'd pulled everything else out badly.  And while sometimes when I get this knotted up and twisted it can work itself out, the numb legs were alarming.  And sometimes it gets worse and I am not a fan of when I can't move at all. 

And one of the things that I like about my chiropractor is that I said to her: "So, will I be able to go hiking and camping with my dog tomorrow?" and she said, "Sure."  She never tries to limit me - she will advise things when asked directly* but I think she trusts my good judgment to stop when I hurt.  She also doesn't say: you have to come back twice a week, or anything like that.  We have a very fluid relationship.

Anyway, I feel somewhat better today but definitely not ready to haul heavy gear or sit in a truck two hours or sleep on the ground or any of that. 

Which is actually a good thing because I REALLY need to get read up for class - I've fallen egregiously behind.  So I see a day of sitting in a hammock with my fearless pup. 

I keep coming back to this and I think it needs to happen: chickens in the front yard.  Ziggy is so stressed and worked up about them in the backyard, which even though they don't seem stressed they will be when I let her off-leash and she lunges and barks every time one of them flaps their wings.  I have thoughts of how to beef up security - padlocks on all the gates/door, another layer of fencing attached to the outside and out the sides - and to give them more room (an additional run to hook to the current run, to use when I'm semi-supervising).  I can put up shade for the one side and actually the front yard is easier to control the sun and it is gone in the afternoon which is nice for summer.  The other advantage for me and them is that I'm gardening in the front yard so I can easily toss the caterpillars and greens in their run as I'm checking the garden. 

The downsides?  Well, first, we're illegal.  Only four pets are allowed per household in the city limit, and this would be seven.  But in the slim chance that I get reported and cited, I think I could maybe give three of the chickens to my tenant at my other house and then we're fine.  I don't particularly want to because I'd have to be responsible for their setup, but it's a fall-back plan.  Second, I think they're more exposed to predators up front because Ziggy doesn't have patrolling rights there.  That potentially includes humans who may want to steal them or even just be assholes and let them out (and I say that because I used to hang out with assholes like that and when we'd get drunk and high we'd think things like that were funny).  Third, less interaction with them - I like seeing and watching them.  But, they don't care about me and they won't feel anything's missing.  And I do spend some time in the front with the garden.  And maybe as Ziggy gets adjusted to seeing them in the front she won't see them as such demonic terrorists and we could move them to the back.

I had an email exchange with a soapmaker, a woman here who wrote on backyard chickens and the need for a chicken bunker.  She told me that her couch potato lovable lump beagle killed four chickens which was shocking to all involved.  Well, Ziggy being a chicken killer would surprise exactly no one, so I want to remove that from happening.  There are sometimes loose dogs in the neighborhood so I do need to beef up security but the difference is the random stray dog as opposed to a pretty smart Catahoula who would have 12 hours a day to examine the coop and scheme up ways to invade it.  She's not usually very obsessed with things but that destruction would become her life goal, and she would terrorize them. 

IF I felt that the threat level was high, I could also pretty easily electrify the coop to keep out predators.  I've never seen a raccoon over here, but I'm sure they exist.  Lots of neighborhood cats, etc.  I wouldn't want to put an electric fence up in the backyard because of Ziggy and my understanding of the Catahoula brain.  But stranger danger?  Hell yeah I'll electrocute it. 

So, yeah.  I think the front yard is my answer.  Once my back is better and I have a buddy to help move it.

A trip to Lowe's is in the near future.  After I walk the poor long-suffering Catahooligan who really just wants her yard back but will adapt to a regular walking schedule if she has to. 

Ok, but really: studying.  #1 priority for today. 

*I went to see her first because of my hip flexors.  The doctors all said I'd need surgery to fix them because they're torn.  She said: yeah, I can't help you with torn tissue.  But she told me what to avoid (stairs, ellipticals, that sort of thing) and marveled at how my legs had down workarounds by overcompensating with significant muscle mass to overcome the issue.  And it's been ten years without surgery.  I'm running no marathons, but I'm able to walk still. 


  1. I once heard it said that the two most important quality of life decisions we ever make are who we marry and who is our doctor. Very true! Sounds like you are in good hands. I have a favor to ask of you - because I admire your brain. I've written a blog about my breast cancer journey so far. I'm not a writer by any means and have only shown it to my husband. I would like your honest opinion - is it any good? If you think it is, you can share the link with any woman you think could benefit from it. Because it has a picture of my boobs after surgery, I prefer only women have the link. But first of all, I need to know if the link even works! I would really appreciate your editorial input. Thanks!

    1. It works - and I love it! So well done!

      My only possible suggestion is if there's a way to break it up, perhaps into multiple entries with click-links? It was just a lot to read in one go and I didn't want to stop.

      Super interesting about the soy - I wondered about the explanation for that. I avoid it like crazy due to my fibroids issues.

      And I know Mercola is a quack but every year mammogram? Love your Dr. Julie!

  2. I really appreciate your input - thank you! I agree, it is long. I could have left out the heart stuff, but somehow I think it all ties in together. As long as the moral of the story isn't lost - GET THE DAMNED TEST!

    Just got home from radiation and going to plant some flower seeds and bring clothes in off the line. Love what's going on with you, Ziggy, the chickens, and your yard! Onward and upward woman!