Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday snapshots

This morning I headed out the bayou for a wildflower walk.  'Tis the season.  It was really nice - the weather was gorgeous, and I learned new plants.

As I drove back over the Mississippi, I was listening to my very favorite radio show, one done in New Orleans.  The person is a very highly accomplished journalist and has worked all over the world and now she's here in New Orleans interviewing people about music.  It's a wonderful show.  There was a part in her interview today that made me laugh until tears flowed, it was so funny.  And so I Facebooked that and tagged her, because somehow I was able to send her a friend request at some point, and she COMMENTED ON MY POST.  She's my hugest celebrity crush and she references me by name and continues the joke with me. 

Then I went and got a sno-ball at my favorite place and spent the hour in line chatting with a young girl and two men visiting here for a bachelor party.  We anguished over our decisions, I stopped everyone in line for reviews of their choices.  I was utterly shameless in a way that New Orleans encourages. 

And then I saw a tree overloaded with the fruit that my dead lover's son makes into punch and is harvesting across the city, so I posted that on his Facebook wall. 

And now I'm home with a heap of digging and dirt moving and water protecting and construction to do to get ready for garden and chickens.  My trusty Catahoula at my side. 

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