Saturday, April 8, 2017

The girls are here

This is one chill flock of chickens.  They seem unperturbed about being moved, losing their rooster, and being in a totally new spot.  I just opened up the dog crate that they traveled in and they said: "hey! let's go!" and they ran into the coop/run.  I'm still working on getting them out of the run and into the coop before they lay eggs on the ground, but I think we'll get it.  (ETA: I've now collected two eggs from the coop and seen most of them up there so I think they'll get it.)

It's a small coop/run but it will work for awhile.  Within 20 minutes they made dirt bath areas and had dirt bath parties.  They're delighted. They're pretty nice birds though one pecked me when I was too slow with the scratch I was trying to lure them into the coop with.  She didn't hurt but started training me.

My dog is completely out of control with all this situation and it's going to be hard for us.  She was already so over threshold with my travel and return and being off the drugs, so now she's just lost it.  Freaking out like an insane beast.  So, slower than I'd hoped, but we'll get there.  She can just be so exhausting. 


  1. Oh, how you are going to love having those fine hens! And Ziggy will too, eventually, I imagine.
    Welcome to the world of chooks. It is a nice world.

    1. Yes, I just want to sit and watch them but alas I cannot yet due to dog. Who is already 100% better than six hours ago. We just went out for a potty break and she whined a little and watched a lot but didn't frantic bark, so that's progress. Once it's cooler we'll try sitting outside in the hammock with her tied up near me. After dark when the chickens are in their coop, I'll let her out to run and investigate the situation, under supervision.