Tuesday, April 18, 2017

the itch is real

I went to my other house to check that the key I think is for that house is right, and while I love that house and the apartments and all that it has been for me, I've got no desire to move back.  And I realize that part of why I'm itchy with my current situation is that people are moving in.  Lots are getting filled in.  Neighbors built a deck that overlooks my backyard.  More traffic.

I grew up in the wilderness.  I don't know how many acres, but it was completely surrounded by forest.  I'd hike up the creek to more wilderness.  I'd cross the road to the ocean which was a park.  There was so much goddamn wilderness and when I was old enough to drive it was often to drive up mountains and then keep on climbing.  I became friends with a girl whose father owned an island and it was fucking magical to go out there in many ways. 

I like the comforts of cities but good lordy me do I like privacy that vast expanses of land provide.  And it's not just the way that I grew up - it's how we spent the summers, on very large farms far from cities.  I know how to entertain myself. 

I think that I"ve always known that I'd tire of city life and want to go back to my roots.  But if I'm moving to a farm I need to do it before I get too much older. 

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