Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ziggy: unfiltered

Taking Ziggy off the Prozac is bringing back her personality and making even more certain that I did the right thing to be adamant about getting her off it.   

Typical scene: me assembling a chicken coop.  Her running loops around the yard and playing vigorously with toys.  Totally out of my hair but ready to jump in any moment I call. 

She's back to sleeping a normal amount, not a zombie-ish 20+ hours per day. 

She's back to putting me to bed and waking me up in the mornings. 

But she's still handling stress like a champ.  This morning we were on a walk passing by a dog barking from the yard, a man she always gives a look to (and used to bark at), and a stranger coming out of the house talking to us.  Three triggers and she assessed them and then looked at me.  Huge progress!  Two days ago we got all buckled up to go out for a walk, I opened the door, and an aggressive Rottweiler from down the street was running free.  I said, "What?" and Ziggy did a "hey" bark.  The Rott walked away and Ziggy sat down and watched it.  Not freaking out, not barking or lunging, just waiting for me to decide what we were going to do (we went to the backyard for frisbee because I wasn't wanting to wrestle that Rott - its people are jerks). 


  1. Great use of the Prozac just enough to let her experience different reactions, which she's smart and talented enough to then incorporate without it.

    1. The best part of having her off it is that her anxiety is going away. Prozac totally made her anxious and now she's getting back to her happy-go-lucky self. The only real benefit I saw from Prozac was greater impulse control. But that was also worrying because I'd see it like when she wasn't interested in chasing a squirrel. That just doesn't seem normal.