Thursday, May 18, 2017

chick report

My co-worker told me that the new chick has been introduced and feeling at home. There was only one chick left after the predators killed the others and it had been hiding in the coop, terrified of dying also.  Now that the new chick has come, they are hanging out together and venturing a little further out.  She says it's giving their chick more security, perhaps because the new chick is a bit bigger.  But probably just because chickens are social animals and these two orphans were both lonely and and now they have each other and it's a beautiful thing. There are two more babies that need to grow a little and then they will join them and they will be a happy little foursome. 

She also says her husband will reinforce the coop.  It's 2"x4" wiring which means predators just reach through and kill them.  ONe was found with just its body - the head had been forced through the wires and eaten.  HOw awful for that poor survivor to have witnessed all this. 

Am I anthropomorphizing?  Maybe, but I don't think so.  These chickens are wicked smart and they show a wide range of emotions - fear, annoyance, frustration, eagerness, curiosity, greediness, anticipation, and so on.  It is not crazy to think that they can feel trauma and fear. 

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