Friday, May 19, 2017


The guy I bought the house from was an asshole.  I knew that, and I knew I could change the house energy, which I have.

But his assholery comes to haunt me.  LIke the rotten soffits he just told somebody to paint over to hide the damage, which I now have to get fixed.

And today I got a call from my termite company except that he never paid the $1100 as in the purchase agreement, so I am not under contract.  Which fucking sucks.  That's a lot of damn money that I shouldn't have to pay.

I emailed my realtor to see if there's anything to do, but I'm sure there's not.  He moved to Miami with a super common Cuban name so he'd be nearly impossible to find without a serious search.  And then what - sue him?  He doesn't care.  He knows he'll die without ever paying a penny.

What an asshole. 

If there's nothing to do the realtor way, maybe I'll try to talk the termite company down a bit.  They know I'm not to blame and feel bad for me, so they're coming on Monday as previously arranged, before they realized the bill was never paid for this property.  Some money may be better than none. 

These are the things to look out for when dealing with assholes. 

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  1. Oh that sucks! So unfair that you have to deal with all that.