Friday, May 19, 2017

progress forward

Today I went to talk to a professor who may become my advisor.  My dissertation research interest is somewhat related to his field - not exactly the same, but much closer than anyone and my previous topic. 

He was engaging and interested.  I think that based on today's conversation he's ready to become my advisor. And I think that he would probably be a good choice for me - he seems like quality faculty and also we could riff.  We talked about a lot of restaurants (I have a list of places to explore with my godson) and other things like Katrina refrigerators.  He gave me things to read, asked questions about my interest and focus.  It was a pretty good conversation - much better than I'd expected as I'd had to run out of work to get my water turned on and that kind of thing throws me these days. 

The interesting part is that he asks questions that normal people ask - like what I do and my background, and it makes me remember yet again that I'm a pretty well-rounded person.  With a lot of education and life experience.  I've done interesting and challenging things and been successful.  Just because I'm in a job now where they don't understand that I am so much more capable is no reflection on me. 

Today I saw the woman who caused me grief earlier this week and we're both pretending it's all fine.  We found a common enemy so focused on that. 

OK, I have to go mow the backyard and I hvae a shit ton of work to do in the front but we'll see how my energy lasts.  I have probably 10 more hours of work to do at my other house and I need to power it out.  There's a qi gong class starting on Sunday that I'd like to go to - I've not done it much but I prefer it to tai chi. 

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