Sunday, June 18, 2017

salty beasts

I made some Greek salad the other day, and it is best when fresh so I was having a hard time convincing myself to eat it. 

To the chickens! 

As I put it into a bowl for them, Ziggy was getting super excited.  Thinking she would be discouraged if she actually had some, I put some cucumbers and tomatoes in her bowl (no olives or feta because: added salt). 

She went wild.  Cucumbers!  Tomatoes!  Who knew that those were her favorites when chilled with some oil and vinegar dressing? 

Then the chickens went wild with delight at their bowl of it and they were too busy eating to fuss at each other which is a usual game. They refuse to eat things like cooked kale and they are never happy about soups that I make myself.  They even got tired of watermelon when it was for several days. They're rather picky.  But I think they like anything chilled.

Time to walk the dog, which I should have done two hours ago and now it's hot and sunny and blech.  Oh well, we'll make it short.  Then more chores, more chores.  Maybe an art museum, maybe a sculpture garden. 

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