Monday, July 17, 2017


On the one hand, I'm proud of providing three units of relatively affordable housing.  I never have a hard time finding tenants, as the price point is right in a city where rents are drastically increasing.  A friend called and offered a chunk of money if I want to get another property to rehab and I'm tempted (though not anytime soon obviously).

And then there's this: natural disasters.  Here's an article I just read on flood insurance paying out over and over again. And of course I get annoyed at people because they think New Orleans has been such a drain because of Katrina - and I always remind them that we don't flood regularly and that was a manmade disaster because the damage wasn't from the storm, it was from failed levees - and this article is a good reminder that other places flood more than here.  But still I know: the ocean is coming for us.

The landloss in Louisiana is mindboggling.  So many reasons for it, but basically: humans fucking up the environment.

Within my lifetime - and I probably only have 20-30 years left - I anticipate many more abandoned communities.  I think New Orleans will still be holding strong then, but ravaged.

So, I'm sorry, New Orleans people who need the housing I provide.  I'm cashing out and moving to the mountains. 

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